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I announce the launch of my new e course for tenants

Nov 26, 2015

Tenants free e course launched

Tenant courseAfter a lot of work and checking, my free e course for tenants is finally finished.

This is something I have been thinking and planning for a long while so it is good to have it finally done and out there for tenants.

The e course (which is similar in format to my popular free e course for landlords) covers the following topics:

Course contents

  • What is a tenancy
  • Crooks and con men
  • Sharing and sharers
  • Paperwork
  • Tenancy deposits
  • Buyers remorse (or can you get out of a tenancy just after you have signed it)
  • Privacy and harassment issues
  • Disrepair issues
  • Landlords and agents
  • Rent
  • Eviction
  • How tenants can end tenancies

You can sign up to the free course >> here.

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